Quantity Pick Up - East Coast Road Delivery within 20km of yard
1m3 Screened Topsoil $40 N/A
2m3 Screened Topsoil $80 $165
5m3 Screened Topsoil $200 $285
10m2 Screened Topsoil $400 $450
Mulch per m3 $30 Contact us for a price
Pumice Sand per m3 $73 Contact us for a price
Compost per m3 $87 Contact us for a price
Grass Seed 5kg bag $46 N/A
Grass Seed 25kg bag $185 N/A

Prices are subject to change. Prices are including GST 

Bulk Orders

For bulk orders over 10 m3 please contact us and we will quote on the cost. Please let us know if this is for pickup or delivery, and if for delivery, where you need to deliver to.


The smaller truck holds up to 5 m3. The cost for up to 5 m3 delivered is $85.00 (Including GST) + soil within a 20km radius of depot 1185 East Coast Road, Torbay. The minimum delivery amount is 2 m3. The larger truck holds up to 10 m3. We can quote delivery charges on this truck if required. Minimum delivery is 10 m3. - For deliveries over 10 m3, we will have to get a quote from an outside supplier how much delivery would be, or you would need to organise a collection from us yourself. Delivery costs are extra for areas in excess of 20km radius. Please contact us for a detailed quote


It is a condition of hire or delivery that the driver shall not be liable for any damage that occurs to footpaths, driveways, water pipes, cables, sewers, or drains as a result of the operation of any vehicle or machine. This website is new and may not contain all the info you need. Any queries, please contact us.